Combat Strength


Blind boxes are the main way to obtain NFT cards in Fujia Three Kingdoms. According to the price and the probability of opening high-rarity and high-quality cards, there are three types of blind boxes: school captain's waist card, gilt tiger charm, Chuanguo Imperial jade seal.

Cards of different qualities are randomly drawn in the blind box. The cards have five qualities in total, and the characteristics of each quality are different.

The rarity odds of the captain's waist cards are: 60% white, 30% blue, 9.9% purple, 0.09% orange, 0.01% gold

The rarity odds of the Gilt Tiger Talisman are: 10% white, 50% blue, 35% purple, 4% orange, 1% gold

The rarity odds of Chuan Guo Yuxi are: 5% blue, 50% purple, 40% orange, 5% gold

Upgrade and breakthrough


Upgrading is the fastest way to increase the combat power value. The upgrade items required for each quality are different, and the upgrade gain brought by the quality will be fed back to the combat power value. In addition, according to the rarity rules, the amount of upgrade materials required for different rarities varies. The higher the rarity, the higher the required materials.

Players can view their NFT cards in the backpack and click on the card to go to upgrade and breakthrough in the card details. One-click upgrade is optional in the card details. One-click upgrade is to automatically detect the corresponding item reserves held by the player, and upgrade to the highest level within the current star range. You can view the current status of the card in the lower left column of the card. Level, one gem is the first level, and five gems are the highest level. Only after reaching the highest level, the player can make a breakthrough.

Weapons items can be quickly obtained through the combat readiness store, and the corresponding relationship with the quality is as follows:

  • 《Da yu mo》——Upgradable only for SSR cards

  • 《XI ci jing》——Upgradable only for SR cards

  • 《Guang ya qian》——Only upgradeable for R card

  • 《Zong heng juan》——Only upgradeable for N cards


When the NFT card reaches the highest level, players can make breakthroughs, go to the combat readiness store to buy jade bottles and make breakthroughs. The number of times NFT can be broken through is limited by the rarity, you can check the star entry for more details.


When regenerating a general, you need liangshi stone as fuel for rebirth

Gold cards cannot be reborn

Each card can only be reborn up to 2 times

After rebirth, the attributes remain unchanged, and the character and faction of the card are randomly changed.


To advance is to combine two cards of the same faction and the same rarity. To advance, you need to consume and honor the covenant. After the advance, both cards are converted into fuel to synthesize a new card. The obtained card will be It has obvious logos and has a different calculation method of combat power from cards of the same rarity and quality

  1. The combat power value will be significantly increased

  2. Various tiers of gems increase your odds of progressing cards from their tiers

  3. Gold inlaid jade is an optional material to improve your advanced attributes

  4. The attribute of the card is the most critical factor in determining the combat power. The potential of the card can be judged by the strength of the attribute.

Titles and Badges

Our achievement system includes two parts: title and badge. Players can view my achievements by tapping the avatar or title on the homepage. On the data aggregation page, players can have an overview of their career history and the battles and attacks in the themed games. Landgrab and Ranked related achievements. You can also change and view the currently unlocked achievements in Titles and Badges. Titles and badges cannot be transferred or traded.


In the title system, players can only wear one title, that is, they can only enjoy the bonus effect brought by one title. The title has different strength increases according to the difficulty of obtaining. Wearing a rare title will become a kind of advanced player. Identification.


Our currently open badge function can be automatically unlocked by fulfilling the conditions, and the cumulative bonus will be added to your total data. If you reach the full collection of the faction, you can unlock the corresponding four holy badges. You can check the specific attribute enhancement and unlocking in the badge details. time.


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