Battle of the Heroes


Mainline process

The Battle of the Heroes consists of four factions opposing each other, through a seven-day journey through different marching routes to reach the destination of the final decisive battle and compete for the winner. Players need to select a certain faction and send generals (ie NFT cards) of the corresponding faction to the battlefield.

Players can only go on an expedition of 5 generals, and the master class is not limited by the number of expeditions.

After the player selects the faction, it cannot be changed until the seventh day of the game. At the same time, the generals who have gone on the expedition cannot be recalled. During the seven days, all the generals that the player has gone on the expedition will constitute important basic data to measure the combat power, and can be accumulated. to the total combat power of the camp. The sources of income you can get in the game are very rich, please refer to the settlement income and judgment entry for details.

In the main game, the player is born at the starting point of the faction on the map, and needs to make a choice action to join the game, enter different marching routes according to the event branch, go to nearby cities or strongholds according to the route and trigger corresponding events, except for random events. , and fixed events - skirmishes and ambush.

Game mechanics

Players use the generals they go on as their basic combat strength, and choose different marching routes to their destinations independently. On the seventh day, they will compete on the decisive battlefield, and they will compete according to the combat strength of the faction. The camp with the highest total combat strength Get the first place, and so on in order of combat power.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when entering the game:

  1. When players enter the battlefield, they need to bring food and grass that matches their combat power, and they need to consume props-Qiaogu

  2. There is a chance to drop your own items when encountering an ambush or encountering an encounter during the battle

  3. In the battle before the decisive battle, the military commander will be injured to different degrees according to the comparison of combat power and the judgment of victory and defeat, and the combat power value will be temporarily reduced by a part.

  4. After the player goes out, he has a personal battle strength value, and it is included in the faction's battle strength value.


Players can enter the Tiance Mansion in the main city to go out to the NFT card, and the combat value of the card will be used as a bargaining chip in this battle

  1. When going on expedition, you must bring the amount of food and grass that matches your personal expedition strength value

  2. The combat power value of the expedition cards is included in the personal expedition combat power value and faction combat power value of the current campaign

  3. The generals who have gone on expedition cannot be recalled and cannot participate in other game activities. During the expedition period, the total combat power value of the player will be suspended.

  4. The generals at the time of the expedition can trigger the story fetter eggs, and obtain different levels of attribute bonuses according to the trigger difficulty

  5. Expeditions require consumption of props and drums

Marching route

Players need to manually choose a route when encountering a fixed event in the game, and go to different locations according to the different marching directions. The troops cannot return when they are marching. Please choose carefully.

Since the four factions have multiple routes, some important cities on the map near the end point may become the intersection of the routes of the various forces.

We try to restore the importance of battlegrounds from a geographic perspective, so in order to gain the initiative, players may need to make reasonable arrangements for these important cities to gain a greater advantage in sudden encounters.

Supply station

After the expedition, players can buy speed items at the supply station in the main city to command the flag, and the command flag will randomly drop out of 5 speed items, including bronze horse, platinum sweat blood, silver fox sacrifice, white idol Yi, and dragon carved meteor. One, and each item has a difference in quality. Speed items will not only increase the player's travel speed, but also have additional attribute bonuses, corresponding to the 5 attributes of NFT cards.

Recycling merchants will use MDAO to recycle the items in the hands of players, and provide players with different offers according to a special rule, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. In some special times, recycling merchants also accept the recycling of other special items.

Random Events

Random events Players will encounter random events when they pass through the city during the normal advance. According to the events encountered, the generals in the march will be affected, including but not limited to the increase or decrease of attributes in a short period of time. Random events are not immune.


Players have the opportunity to trigger fixed events in the game, and go to a certain stronghold to ambush other forces. The ambushers can wait in place, while players from other forces will be attacked here unprepared, and the battle will last for a period of time. The winner is decided, during the battle, the players who arrive on the battlefield later can still be counted in the comparison of the combat power of the two sides.

  1. The ambush party has a certain amount of combat power bonus.

  2. Due to the existence of the marching route and marching speed, the timing of different players passing through the stronghold is not the same, and the ambush may not necessarily break out the battle.

  3. Both sides of the battle are injured to a certain extent after the battle, and the combat power value will be temporarily reduced by a part

  4. The side that loses the battle will lose a certain percentage of the army's rations

  5. After encountering an ambush, players can choose to pay a certain amount of food and grass to surrender and quickly pass through the area


In the map, there are some cities adjacent to the decisive battlefield with a large amount of flow, and these cities are located in open areas without natural danger. Therefore, if the player who arrives here wants to snipe the enemy here, he needs to camp on the spot and start a fair positional battle with the opponent. At the same time, the winning side will gain the right to be stationed at the location, and will be able to choose to stay behind and snipe the next enemy. side forces.

Settlement revenue and judgment

Battle settlement

Skirmishes and Ambush

  • In skirmishes and ambush battles, the winner and loser both suffer a certain degree of short-term combat power penalty, and the loser's penalty is higher.

  • Each player on the defeated side may randomly drop an item, and the loot item will be randomly assigned to the winning player

  • The defeated side needs to pay a certain amount of food and grass, and the spoils of food and grass will be distributed in proportion to the strength of the victorious side

  • The defeated side will leave the stronghold immediately after the battle and move on

  • The victorious side can choose to stay in the stronghold after the battle is over

  • The victorious side can capture the opponent's map to complete the map

  • After the battle, the victorious party can know the battle strength of the opponent, while the defeated party cannot view it.

Decisive battle

In the decisive battle on the seventh day, the prize pool will be distributed to the corresponding faction according to the winning ranking of the faction's total combat power value according to the floating ratio. And in the camp, the rewards are divided according to the proportion of the personal expedition combat power value when reaching the end point.

In addition to the final settlement, the first 10 players to reach the final stage will receive a fixed amount of prize money in sequence from the prize pool

Council Hall

All the battles of players in the Battle of Heroes will be recorded in the Council Hall, and support for viewing the battle income and information on both sides of the battle.

In addition to the current battle, the records of previous battles will also be recorded in the Council Hall.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will include the top players in the current faction who have made great contributions in real time

They are the Combat Power Ranking, Speed Ranking and Military Industry Ranking, and the Combat Power Ranking cannot be seen three days before the battle.


Players can still bet in the casino even if they do not choose to go out, and there are no restrictions on any faction.

The current odds and prize pool size of each faction will be displayed in the casino, and players can use MDAO to bet on one of the four factions. After the battle is settled on the seventh day, the bonus will be automatically distributed to the player's wallet.

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