🇬🇬🇬🇬 DAO & Staking


CoreDAOSwap is a decentralized governance system fully powered by smart contracts. Holders of CDAO tokens participate in governance, propose and vote on community activities, such as releasing lock-up tokens, Addition and removal of lists, use of community treasury, etc.


The Staking module of CoreDAOSwap is divided into single-currency pledge and LP pledge.

A simple understanding of single-currency pledge is to pledge a token, which can be locked and pledged or withdrawn at any time. Different methods have different annualized returns.

For example, if you hold CDAO in your hand, you can use CoreDAOSwap's single-currency pledge pool for pledge mining.

Staking CDAO can get CDAO, etc., and the corresponding annualized income varies. LP pledge can be understood as a combination of currency trading pairs for mining, such as CDAO-WETH, CDAO-USDT and other trading pairs, and the annualized yield of different combinations is also different.

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