Siege and Side Story


Siege is a completely overhead metaverse world, players can continue to explore and conquer more territories in the map to gain profits. In the entire huge world, players share the same set of epoch calendars, but due to different world lines, the territories between players are not connected. We will update the method of breaking the dimensional wall in subsequent versions and continue to advance the epoch story.

After entering the siege, players can go out for NFT cards indefinitely, and they can choose to let the generals perform various tasks of different periods to attack the city. Each city requires a lot of mobilization to capture. After reading the main storyline, you can participate in the siege.

In the story of the era where the siege is constant, the generals when the player goes out can still trigger the bond special effect and get the combat power bonus. After the task of challenging the city is over, the player can not recall the generals who went on the expedition and order them to continue the mission. At this time, additional The generals who perform the mission will receive the help of the aborigines in the world. Players can hire the aborigines to participate in the mission through the income obtained during the expedition. The combat value of the aborigines will be proportional to the income of the player.

Qualifying (stay tuned)

Invitation function

We encourage players to generate their own invitation codes in the game, and distribute rewards by calculating the new players who enter the game through the invitation codes. We will update the reward situation in the leaderboard at any time to encourage more players to participate in the game. . In the invitation function, we will count all the earnings of the player, and after certain conditions are met, the limited title reward may be unlocked.

Airdrop Blind Box

Players buy airdrop blind boxes with USDT, and they will not only randomly open RICH hero cards, but also randomly get airdropped MDAO tokens.

Lock-up income

Bank exchange lock-up income

After players exchange USDT for copper coins, they will get 70% of the MDao revenue of the exchange value, but the generated MDao is locked and will be gradually unlocked within 2 years from the exchange date, and the unlocked tokens need to be collected manually.

Siege and loot lock-up income

Lockable card duration 7 days 15 days 30 days

Reward rate 900 combat days/MDao 800 combat days/MDao 700 combat days/MDao

Early withdrawal loses 50% of current income

The income from mining can improve the next mining power /MDao +10 power, the withdrawal is cleared

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