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Combat readiness store

War preparations: food and grass, quarrel drums, and respect the covenant, gold inlaid jade

Oracles: vertical and horizontal scrolls, copulative scriptures, Guang Yajian, Dayu Mo

Treasures: Lucky Stone, God Blessing Stone, God's Favorite Stone, Liangyi Stone, Jade Spirit Bottle


Players can view their own NFT card-related assets and all currently held items in the backpack, and can also quickly put on the market through the backpack. In the backpack, there are three indexing methods: generals, combat readiness and props. Players can search for the equipment they want to query through the index method of rarity and grade in the combat readiness bag. In the generals backpack, the search function can realize the function of classification and indexing, which helps players to search for generals of the same type.

Card Details

In the card details, players can quickly identify many attributes of the card, including identification information: military commander's name, level, star rating, faction, occupation, rarity, grade, etc.

In the card details, we divided the detailed information of NFT cards into three categories: introduction, strategy and attributes. In the introduction, you can quickly browse the relevant information such as combat power value, and you can also view the information you hold on the chain through the Token ID. NFT cards. In the guide, we showed the growth, skills and potential of this card. In the attribute, we visualize the six attributes of the card, including endurance, strength, intelligence, agility and spirit.

At the same time, we can further improve the combat power level of the card by entering the details page of upgrade and equipment through the card details aggregation page.


Copper coins are the currency in circulation in the Three Kingdoms of Fujia

You need to exchange a certain amount of copper in the bank to trade properly in careers and stores

After the copper coins are exchanged, some additional lock-up MDAO income will be generated. Available daily in the homepage。

Current exchange rate: 1USDT = 25 copper coins

Cards Trading Market


Players can sell or buy with other players through pending orders in the trading market. Only MDAO can be used for trading tokens. We will charge a certain handling fee in the transaction. Players use the faction index function to query the cards they want to search. We encourage players to give priority to acquiring NFT cards of the same faction in order to gain more advantages in the game.

History Order

We provide a historical order query function in the card market. The order will record the status of your current card holdings. It should be noted that your NFT card will not be available in the game in the pending order, and will no longer be used. It is included in the calculation formula of your total combat power, and you can continue to use this card only after you cancel the pending order.

In the order, you can view the details of your transactions with other players through the purchased or sold function, and view the transaction data on the chain to ensure that the transaction process is fair, effective and transparent.


We will show the relevant content of each update in the announcement, and announce the distribution of activities and rewards to players on the announcement board. In addition, the bulletin board will also push the real-time information of the battle of the elite and the siege, including the battle information of the battle of the elite.

Players can browse our updates in the Historical Announcements, or learn more about live event details.


In the game, we show all players the top players or cards in the current game, including data such as personal combat power value, single card combat power value, and the number of cards held.

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