🖼️NFT Create Platform

The original intention of creating the trading platform: Who of us has not experienced ups and downs in the industry... After the liquidation finally made myself deeply feel the despair of being penniless, and regretted the original

Life is like a drama, and drama is like life. At this moment, you will realize how much courage those who are in Lenha need. When they are desperate, they will make a bloody road in the market. The chips with blood will always be successful and beautiful, and Lenha is also a kind of wisdom. The hardships of starting a new project, the rejection after the project fails, and the carnival after the success.

We are the artists in this world, constantly creating different stories. Every worthy story of COREDAO COIN will be made into a HRC-721-based NFT VR card on the platform.


NFT blind box and fragmentation, we will divide an NFT into several fragments according to the story of the work, and show the author's intention through each NFT fragment. Users can understand the full story once they have collected all the pieces and combined them into a complete NFT.

COREDAO NFT Token use case

Users can use to vote for their favorite artists and content for future works

Users can use CDAO tokens to sign NFTs, each signature is unique and can only belong to one NFT. The signature of the NFT fragment creates a second layer of scarcity in the artwork. In this case, the user becomes the co-creator of the digital artwork.

Users use CDAO to participate in NFT auctions and purchases.

NFT Trade Market

COREDAOSWAP is about to launch its own NFT market, which will be one of the first Dex platforms to launch the NFT market. The user's exchange account can be automatically connected to the NFT account, allowing users to enter without barriers. The operation of bidding for NFT assets is similar to other similar platforms. As simple as that, buyers can use ETH, CDAO, and USDT on the platform, depending on which digital asset is acceptable to the creator.

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