Diversfied Application


The platform solves the DEFI loan scheme through the multi-guaranteed mortgage asset system, allowing the lender's idle assets to flow to generate higher returns, and the borrower's risk of liquidation is lower, making lending more secure and completely decentralized. No need to worry about human factor interference, provide absolutely safe, reliable, convenient and fast DEFI.

Derivatives Trading

The CoreDAO platform adopts a decentralized derivatives trading protocol and adopts the design of "off-chain matching + on-chain settlement" to make funds and transactions more secure and transparent, while also ensuring performance and response speed.

The platform's decentralized contract trading pole part has significant advantages:

  • Low transaction fees and no gas costs

  • Fast in withdrawal processing efficiency without waiting

  • In terms of security and security, StarkWare's two-layer technology improves security and privacy through zero-knowledge proof. In terms of transaction processing, CoreDAO transactions are immediately and can be executed within hours to complete confirmation on the blockchain

  • In the near future, CoreDAO can be used interchangeably, with one account accessing positions on different trading pairs.

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