Card Mechanism

NFT Cards

Fujia Three Kingdoms draws many generals from the Three Kingdoms period into exquisite cards, and each generals card has unique and gorgeous special effects to satisfy players' desire to collect.

Each card is a unique NFT that can be permanently collected and freely traded on the blockchain. Each card has a different configuration. Players can improve the combat power and star rating of the card through upgrades and breakthroughs. However, the combat power value has an upper limit, and the growth of each card will be affected by various data. . In addition to the equipment and skills that can be installed in the card, you can view the following data of the card type you hold in the card details:

  1. Divided into four camps: Wei, Shu, Wu, and Qun

  2. Divided into four qualities: N, R, SR, SSR

  3. It is divided into five rarities: white, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

  4. It is divided into five basic generals occupations: Assassin, Shield Guard, Warrior, Adviser, and Auxiliary, as well as the Lord occupation that only holds gold cards.

  5. It is divided into five attributes corresponding to occupations: endurance, strength, intelligence, agility, and spirit.


Combat power is a key indicator for measuring NFT cards. Increasing the combat power as soon as possible is an important prerequisite for a better experience in the game. Players can improve their combat power in various ways. The combat power value of the cards held by the player will be cumulatively calculated into the player's total combat power data, which becomes the most important identification of the player.

The solutions listed below can achieve this effect:

  1. Improve the level and star rating of cards through upgrades and breakthroughs

  2. Through two cards of the same faction and the same rarity, you can advance to a card with a higher rarity. At this time, the card will be marked with a [Combined] and inherit a certain combat power value of the original card.

  3. Get a brand new card by respawning

  4. Obtain buff titles and badges through the achievement system to increase combat power

  5. Increase your combat power in a short time by purchasing one-time items, only for elite battles

  6. Improve combat power by wearing equipment and unlocking skills


According to the history of the Three Kingdoms, the heroes of the Three Kingdoms of Fujia are divided into four camps: Wei, Shu, Wu and Qunxiong, and they are corresponding to the four colors of blue, red, green and yellow.

  • In the Battle of Heroes module, the four factions fight against each other. After you select a faction, you can only go to battle with the cards of this faction that you hold.

  • In the advanced stage, cards are promoted according to the faction, and the advanced stage can only support the fusion of two cards of the same faction.


In order to highlight the uniqueness of each hero card, the card quality of Fujia Three Kingdoms is divided into N, R, S, and SSR flags to distinguish the quality, which represent ordinary, excellent, epic, and legendary respectively. The higher the quality, the higher the growth. , the higher the attributes of upgrade and breakthrough, you can click on the card in the game to view the card details and detailed data. In order to increase the interest, even cards of the same quality will be distinguished within the upper and lower limits. Cards with high growth rate are more collectible, and their quality will ultimately affect the combat power value.

The following are the growth ratings for each quality:

  1. N——E

  2. R——D~C

  3. SR——C~B

  4. SSR——B~S


In the Three Kingdoms of Fujia, according to the historical records of the Three Kingdoms and people's love for each general and hero, hero cards are divided into five rarities: white, blue, purple, orange, and gold. Hero cards of different rarities have different initial combat power, and the attributes improved by each level are also different. The rarity directly affects the basic combat value and market price of the card. Players can check the growth rating in the card details. Rarity is innate and cannot be changed by any means. Players can only advance to a higher rarity card through two cards of the same faction and the same rarity.

The following are the star rules limited by each rarity::

  1. Whtie——1 Star

  2. Blue——2 Stars

  3. Purple——4 Stars

  4. Orange——5 Stars

  5. Gold——10 Stars


NFT Cards are divided into five major occupations: shield, warfare, strategy, thorn, and auxiliary. In addition to the second, there are additional master occupations, only the gold card holds this occupation.

Displayed in the lower left corner of the card, the corresponding main attributes are stamina, strength, intelligence, agility, and spirit. The main attribute combat power bonus is higher than other attributes. In the player battle modules such as the elite battle module and the qualifying match, the combination of generals of each main attribute is a good choice.


The star rating is a relatively intuitive data that reflects the strength and potential of the NFT card. The star rating and level will be directly reflected on the card. The left side is the current level, and the right side is the owned star level.

When you want to increase your combat power after obtaining a card, the most direct way is to buy upgrade items through the combat readiness store and go to upgrade and breakthrough. Players need to first increase the card experience value, and then break the level cap by breaking through, thereby increasing the star rating.

The star's breakthrough limit is affected by rarity. When the upper limit cannot be exceeded, players can improve the quality and rarity of the card through advanced steps, thereby breaking the breakthrough limit. We will update more channels for obtaining experience points in subsequent versions.

The following are the star rules limited by each rarity:

  1. White——1

  2. Blue——2

  3. Purple——4

  4. Orange——5

  5. Gold——10


Growth is an indicator of the potential that NFT cards carry naturally. The cards obtained from the Recruitment Card Pool limit the growth height that the cards can achieve. Growth is directly linked to the attributes obtained during upgrades and breakthroughs. Occupation and attributes limit the direction in which cards can be improved. When the occupation and attributes are adapted, the bonus obtained each time you upgrade is maximized. Quality can intuitively express the weather vane of growth,以下列表即为品质对应的成长评级:

  1. N——E

  2. R——D~C

  3. SR——C~B

  4. SSR——B~S


In our currently open equipment system, players have two main equipment slots for weapons and mounts, as well as seven armor slots for helmets, breastplates, belts, shoes, leg armors and shoulder armors. In addition, there are two accessories slots for accessories and bracers. All equipment is cast as NFT from CoreDAO, and players can freely exchange equipment through the trading market.

We will unlock the function of strengthening equipment and gem inlay technology in the follow-up additional content, and will also launch a new exclusive weapon system. Players can collect exclusive weapons to raise the combat power of powerful generals to a higher level. In the exclusive weapons, we will continue to optimize the military commander development system and unlock the equipment system with growth attributes.


Skills can currently only be unlocked by increasing the star rating, and skills can only be used in ranked matches. Each card has an unlimited talent skill, and after the level is full, you can get an additional skill slot. We will open up the available trading skill kits in subsequent versions. Depending on the rarity, the upper limit of the skills that can be unlocked by the card is also different. The gold card can obtain up to six skills, while the white card has only two skills.

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